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  • Patient testimonial Posted 27 January 2015
  • We would highly recommend Northenden Orthodontics for both adults and children. Both my husband and I have had fixed braces here, and our daughter has had block braces and fixed braces in her treatment. Her lower jaw was growing more slowly than her upper jaw, leading to a marked procline (front teeth pointing outwards) of her upper teeth, accentuated by thumb sucking. She had block braces to pull on her lower jaw, thus increasing its rate of growth, whilst the front wire pulled her teeth in. Then fixed braces (upper and lower) to bring her teeth into alignment. She's now in retainers after two years of treatment. We are delighted with the results for all three of us, particularly for our daughter. We have been treated by David Waring, Ovais Malik and Esther (Orthodontic Therapist), all of whom were very professional, good at explaining the treatment to us all, ,and gentle in the delivery of it. The support staff here are friendly, efficient and unfailingly courteous. We all now have perfect smiles, and are very satisfied customers. Posted 19 January 2015
  • Everyone deserves a perfect smile - LIKE if you agree! Posted 26 March 2014
  • Happy Halloween. Our pumpkin should have straight teeth by next year!! Posted 31 October 2013

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