Quality care inspection

Quality Care Inspection | Orthodontist Manchester

What are the Care Quality Commission standards?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and adult social care services in England.

During our inspection we showed that we are meeting essential standards of quality and safety in the following areas:

  • Respecting and involving people who use services
  • Care and welfare of people who use services
  • Safeguarding people who use services from abuse
  • Cleanliness and infection control
  • Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision

What this means to patients is that you can be sure of receiving high-quality care. At Northenden House Orthodontics we provide a very high standard of orthodontic treatment and customer service and take the safety of our patients and staff very seriously.

Here are some comments in the CQC report from our patients:

"They are very good at explaining the next steps."

"The dentist spent a lot of time explaining things to me and telling me what to expect from the different types of treatment. I was given a leaflet and sent a letter with the cost and everything; he also sent one to my dentist."

"I was given a leaflet and they explained to me what to expect and what do if I felt discomfort."

"They provide a flexible service and there was no pain."

"I had to fill in a questionnaire and they asked a lot of questions, and before I had the treatment they referred me back to my dentist to get something treated."

"I would feel confident and there's no reason to feel unsafe."

"I think it's spotless."

"They're easy to talk to and I would feel able to express any concerns."