Can Orthodontics Help with Impacted Teeth? 0

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Orthodontics can be used to treat a wide variety of dental issues, from overcrowding to gappy teeth, overbite, underbite, and even impacted teeth. The road to gaining the perfect smile can be a long one depending on the issues you are facing but with today’s technological advancements, faith and trust can be put into the world of orthodontics, to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

  • Mohammad Malik

Invisalign Cost and Financing Options: Investing in Your Smile 0

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Here at Northenden House Orthodontics, we take great care and pride in helping you achieve the smile of your dreams, and we believe that Invisalign could be the answer you’re looking for. Invisalign is our most popular hidden brace system, for its discreteness and effectiveness in achieving outstanding results.

Your smile can impact not just your oral health but your overall confidence and well-being, which can never be overstated. We want to be able to support you in a way that makes obtaining Invisalign accessible and affordable, so keep reading to find out how much Invisalign could cost and the financing options we have, to help you on your way.

  • Mohammad Malik

Orthognathic Surgery vs. Non-Surgical Alternatives 0

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Making the decision to opt for corrective jaw surgery is no small undertaking, there are many points to consider beforehand. Those with severe malocclusions and jaw deformities are often recommended surgery, to improve the relationship between the upper and lower jaw and correct issues with chewing and as well as facial asymmetry.

Some may prefer this approach to properly improve their smiles and overall enjoyment of life but others, maybe with slightly less severe dental issues would prefer to opt for something less intrusive and with fewer associated risks. Let’s look at what exactly orthognathic surgery is, why it’s used, and what the alternatives are. 

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Orthodontic Expertise: What Sets Our Practice Apart 0

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Here at Northenden House Orthodontics, we understand the amount of time and thought put into orthodontic treatment. It is no small decision to take the leap toward the smile of your dreams and there are so many points to consider such as cost, time, keeping appointments, and the disruption to your normal routine, among many others.

As a Consultant and specialist led orthodontist in Manchester, you can rest assured that we make that decision so much easier for you. So, to help you on your way, we have put together a short guide on just what sets our practice apart and why you can put your trust in us to make you smile with confidence.

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Braces for Complex Cases: How Orthodontists Tackle Difficult Alignments 0

Braces for Complex Cases

There are a whole range of issues that can be fixed by orthodontists today, from overcrowded to gappy teeth, underbite to overbite, there aren’t many cases your orthodontist won’t have treated. Some dental issues can be fixed simply with braces, others, however, require a multidisciplinary approach whereby additional dental specialists opinions are required such as restorative specialists or periodontal specialists (gum health specialists). With today’s modern advancements, it is quite possible for anybody to get the smile of their dreams.

  • Mohammad Malik