How does Invisalign work? 0


Invisalign is an Orthodontic system that aligns your teeth with a series of clear aligners. It is a custom made appliance that is generated from a prescription from your Orthodontist along with the submission of your intra oral ‘Itero’ scan and clinical records.  

5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Mouth 0

healthy mouth

Healthy diet and reducing sugar intake
Maintaining a balanced diet will enable you to keep a healthy mouth as the amount of sugar consumed can be reduced. Change sugar in your tea and coffee to sweetener or even better cut it out completely. Cut out snacking and just eat at meal times this will reduce the amount of acid attacks on your teeth and give your teeth chance to recover from the food you have just eaten.

Regular dental examinations
The frequency of your dental examination is governed by how healthy your mouth is and the risk of developing caries. By maintaining that your mouth is monitored by a professional on a regular basis it will ensure that you continue to maintain a healthy mouth. Your dentist will not only monitor your teeth but also the soft tissues in your mouth and possibly your head and neck. An accurate record is kept so that any underlying issues are reviewed accordingly.

Foods to be avoided at Halloween 0

pumpkin braces

With the witching hour approaching many children and teenagers will be planning their outfits and celebrations for Halloween.  

Whether they are going out trick or treating or attending a party there will be lots of tasty treats around to tempt them. Whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment certain foods need to be avoided due to the damage they cause to the appliances.

How often should you see a Dentist or Orthodontist? 0

dentist and orthodontist

A dentist assesses, diagnoses and treats diseases and conditions in the mouth. They may also monitor the soft tissues of the face, checking for any abnormalities.  

An orthodontist is initially trained as a dentist but has then gone onto specialise in orthodontics.  An orthodontist, like those you'll find at Northenden House, treat irregularities in relation to your teeth and jaw.

What Happens If Your Brace Snaps? 0

metal braces

If you have had fixed appliances fitted whether it be on the front of your teeth or behind your teeth then you will have been given wear and care instructions on the day they were fitted.  

At this point we always advise to check your appliances daily to ensure nothing has come off and any additional items we may have added to the appliance are intact. Breakages can occur for a variety of reasons but the most common reason is that the patient has bitten into something they shouldn’t have.