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Do I need braces? 0

Do I need braces?

First things first -  what are braces?

Braces are typically used to straighten teeth and correct your bite.

Not only do they achieve a perfect smile, they can also have many oral health benefits too.

Any person of any age can get braces, subject to having satisfactory dental health.

The Upsides and Downsides of Train Track Braces 0

Train track braces are your traditional run of the mill braces. They are the least discreet of the braces we offer, and maybe more difficult to clean than specialty braces or removable appliances, but they have certain upsides as well.

What to Expect When Wearing Dental Braces 0

having dental braces fitted

Modern dental braces are very effective at straightening teeth and are much smaller, more comfortable and often faster than they used to be. If you’re planning on having braces, you may be wondering whether they’ll hurt and what to expect when wearing them.