The Upsides and Downsides of Train Track Braces


Train track braces are your traditional run of the mill braces. They are the least discreet of the braces we offer,  they are the braces you would most commonly associate teenagers with wearing. 


Traditional braces have the advantage of being able to treat most malocclusions. They are also much cheaper than any other variety of braces and they are easy to clean.  We provide you with thorough instructions and aids to help maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout your orthodontic journey.


The most notable downside to train track braces is their appearance. They are noticeable even from a distance, and while they are perfect for children, for adults it may make you self conscious when you smile. Other downsides are common to all forms of fixed braces. They can catch your lips and cheeks occasionally causing ulceration. Braces can in some cases induce a speech impediment, although this usually subsides after a few days.

These are the basic, at a glance ups and downs of having train track braces. This short description does not contain a full list of positive or negative effects, and should be taken for what it is, an at a glance overview of the most common and typical pros and cons. If you want more in depth information though then make sure to get in touch with Northenden House at  0161 884 1481.

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  • Mohammad Malik
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