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Foods to avoid with Ceramic Braces 0

Foods unsuitable for ceramic braces

When choosing a brace it is important to be aware of the things you can and can’t eat, to avoid potential damage. In this blog, we will discuss which foods you will need to stay clear of.

Getting Invisalign in the Manchester Area 0

Manchester Orthodontics

Getting orthodontic treatment is easier than ever before. With so many locations all over the country, fixing your crooked teeth or bite is no longer such a hassle. Even better than that, modern technology has now allowed us to develop more preferred methods of teeth straightening. This means that treatments like Invisalign and ceramic braces are taking their well-deserved spots at the top of the leaderboard.

If you’re planning on getting an Invisalign treatment, why not read on for some guidance?

How often should you see a Dentist or Orthodontist? 0

local orthodontics | Manchester Orthodontics

A dentist assesses, diagnoses and treats diseases and conditions in the mouth. They may also monitor the soft tissues of the face, checking for any abnormalities.  

An orthodontist is initially trained as a dentist but has then gone onto specialise in orthodontics.  An orthodontist, like those you'll find at Northenden House, treat irregularities in relation to your teeth and jaw.

Your Options for Braces as an Adult 0

Adult braces options

When you think of braces, a teenager with metal train tracks may spring to mind. But braces are fast becoming the ‘in thing’ for adults that want to perfect their pearly whites.

What to Expect When Wearing Dental Braces 0

having dental braces fitted

Modern dental braces are very effective at straightening teeth and are much smaller, more comfortable and often faster than they used to be. If you’re planning on having braces, you may be wondering whether they’ll hurt and what to expect when wearing them.