Celebrities you didn't know had Braces


celebrity braces

You already know that you definitely want straighter teeth and braces will get you just that. It might seem like a long time, but in the end you’ll have a perfect smile that makes you feel good. The orthodontic process at Northenden House Orthodontics is no different, and we pay particular attention to patient comfort.

A lot of people feel nervous when it comes to getting braces and that’s completely normal. Whether you’re worried that they might hurt or about how you're going to eat, maybe you’re even worried about what people might think. 

But there’s no need to be self conscious about braces. Why? Because some of your favourite celebrities have had braces themselves! Here’s a list of celebs you might know who have undergone orthodontic treatment at one point or another.

Zac Efron

Zac once had a gap between his front teeth when he was younger but now his smile is amazing.

zac efron with braces

Miley Cyrus

The Hannah Montana star had crooked teeth while on the show and underwent lingual brace treatment to correct them.

miley cyrus with braces

Dakota Fanning

She was even in movies and walked on red carpets wearing her braces!

Dakota Fanning with braces

Niall Horan

A member from one of the biggest boy bands in the world had them. He said that he never felt self conscious of them because everyone had them.

Niall Horan with braces

Emma Watson

We didn’t even know this one! But Emma, who starred in Harry Potter, wore braces for 4 months in 2005. She said it was important because a "smile is for life".

Emma Watson braces

Drew Barrymore

Drew has a perfect smile and she has braces to thank for that! 

Drew Barrymore braces


Remember these famous faces next time you're feeling down about going to the orthodontist because they’ve gone through the exact same thing. They have amazing smiles now and so will you!

If you have any questions about starting treatment, or to book your follow up appointment, please call us on 0161 884 1481. Alternatively, you can read about the treatments we offer by visiting our website.

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