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New Year, New You, New Smile! 0

2017 is here already. New Year’s resolutions abound. Many of us plan to spend more time with friends and family, become more money savvy, and to get healthier. Others think about some personal improvements they would like to make. One of the most popular choices in this area is to take positive action to improve a smile. Of course we all smile, it’s one of the things that make us human, but for some people the act of smiling in front of others or in front of a camera is a constant reminder that they are not happy with their teeth. So if you are one of those people, will 2017 be the year you do something about it? Below are some suggestions. Whether you choose small or larger changes this year is up to you, but by making some changes you will definitely be contributing to making yourself happier with your smile.

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New Habits

New Year is a great time to begin new habits. Improving your dental care regime will undoubtedly bring benefits to your teeth and mouth. Make sure that you floss regularly and brush your teeth twice daily with good technique and using a quality toothbrush.

See Your Hygienist

In addition to your own daily regime make sure that your visits to the dentist and the hygienist are booked regularly. A good hygienist can be invaluable at keeping your teeth in great condition, removing plaque and getting into the areas you find more difficult. The dentist will identify areas of concern as they arise, meaning treatment will be timely and prevent damage getting out of hand.


Lifestyle changes can significantly contribute to your oral appearance. By making sure you look after your body - eating healthy choices, drinking plenty of water for hydration and doing some moderate exercise, you are keeping your health in top condition which does play a part in your dental health too. What you don’t eat and drink is particularly important. Keeping your intake of caffeine (in teas, coffees and cola’s) down low can mean the difference between stained teeth, and much more satisfactory whiter ones.

The above changes are small and achievable. But when something a little more specialist is needed we are here to help you. For most people the perfect smile consists of straight white teeth. If this cannot be achieved entirely naturally, it can still be achieved with the help of our team. These days there are many different methods of straightening teeth such as aligners, or lingual, ceramic and metal braces. There really is something to suit everyone. If you would like to know more about the treatments we offer please contact us on 0161 998 2622 or We look forward to helping you achieve a smile you can be happy with.