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Safe Halloween Treats For Brace Wearers 0

Braces at Halloween

Halloween is a super exciting time of the year where adults and children alike can dress up and have fun. It's a night filled with sugar-loaded sweets and treats, which makes it an extra scary time for brace-wearers.

7 Tips and tricks to keep your teeth healthy this Halloween 0

keep your teeth healthy

Halloween is a time for being spooky and pigging out, but this doesn’t mean your teeth should be neglected in the meantime. Read this blog to find out the best ways to care for your teeth this Halloween.

Foods to be avoided at Halloween 0

pumpkin braces | Manchester Orthodontics

With the witching hour approaching many children and teenagers will be planning their outfits and celebrations for Halloween.  

Whether they are going out trick or treating or attending a party there will be lots of tasty treats around to tempt them. Whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment certain foods need to be avoided due to the damage they cause to the appliances.