Foods to be avoided at Halloween


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With the witching hour approaching many children and teenagers will be planning their outfits and celebrations for Halloween.  

Whether they are going out trick or treating or attending a party there will be lots of tasty treats around to tempt them. Whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment certain foods need to be avoided due to the damage they cause to the appliances.

Sticky chewy sweets such as Haribo or Maoams need to be avoided at all costs as they can pull the little elastics off that hold the wire in place and potentially get stuck around your braces which is hard to remove and leaving it difficult for you to clean.

Lollies both the hard and soft variety can cause damage to your appliance. The hard lollies when being crunched can force a bracket to debond and the sticky ones can get stuck around your brace. When a bracket is no longer stuck to your tooth or the elastics come off, the appliances are not working to their full potential.

The best type of treat to eat whilst going through orthodontic treatment is chocolate or cake, the intake of all sugary items should be purely restricted to meal times and not be consumed as a snack.

As the colder weather sets in autumnal favourites such as stews and soup tend to be meal time favourites often served with a crusty roll, whilst we are happy for you to eat the stew or soup please avoid the crusty roll, or just eat the soft bread in the centre. Quite often the rolls can be quite tough and cause damage to your braces.

Following eating, please always brush your teeth and clean your appliances. Should you notice a bracket has come away or there is a wire out of place, contact us on 0161 884 1481 immediately and we can advise you further.

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  • Mohammad Malik
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