5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Mouth


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Healthy diet and reducing sugar intake
Maintaining a balanced diet will enable you to keep a healthy mouth as the amount of sugar consumed can be reduced. Change sugar in your tea and coffee to sweetener or even better cut it out completely. Cut out snacking and just eat at meal times this will reduce the amount of acid attacks on your teeth and give your teeth chance to recover from the food you have just eaten.

Regular dental examinations
The frequency of your dental examination is governed by how healthy your mouth is and the risk of developing caries. By maintaining that your mouth is monitored by a professional on a regular basis it will ensure that you continue to maintain a healthy mouth. Your dentist will not only monitor your teeth but also the soft tissues in your mouth and possibly your head and neck. An accurate record is kept so that any underlying issues are reviewed accordingly.

Brushing twice daily
One of the main ways to keep a healthy mouth is by brushing at least twice a day, morning and evening, ideally after lunch too! Thorough brushing removes plaque and food debris and the fluoride in the toothpaste will keep your teeth nice and strong.

Interdental cleaning
Even with brushing twice daily, your cleaning should be supplemented interdentally with floss, interdental brushes such as tepes or interspace single tufted brushes. The frequency and management of your interdental cleaning should be advised by your dental professional. Should you have orthodontic appliances fitted then you are still able to clean interdentally with flossettes, these can be demonstrated by your orthodontic practitioner.

Hygiene maintenance visits
Your dentist may feel that you would benefit from dental hygiene treatment, this includes oral health advice and the removal of any calcified deposits above and below the gum.  The treatment can be carried out with hand scalers or ultrasonic scalers. It maybe the case that you require a course of treatment initially and then once healthy you can then follow a maintenance schedule such as twice yearly.


 Watch the video to find out why looking after your oral health is important.

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