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Why is chocolate a safe treat for those with braces? 0

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Generally, chocolate is a safer treat for those that have braces as it is consumed in one go, a bag of jelly sweets tends to be consumed over a period of time. Jelly sweets are sticky in nature and often coated in sugar, this then traps around the orthodontic appliance and is tricky to remove. With eating the jelly sweets over a period of time it doesn’t allow the teeth to recover in between a meal or snack.  As a rule, we would like our teeth to be exposed to 3 acid attacks per day. An acid attack occurs when we eat or drink something. Drinking water or tea/coffee with no added sugar is a good way to stay hydrated so are not to be included within the amount of acid attacks but, snacking and a drink of fruit juice or a carbonated drink would be.

Naughty or Nice? Do’s and Don’ts when wearing braces this Christmas 0

christmas braces

Now that you have started your orthodontic treatment, caring for your teeth and appliances is vital to ensure the smooth running of your treatment. The temptations over the festive period are widely available from an extra mince pie to your favourite tipple. All can affect the different types of appliances you are wearing.

What Happens If Your Brace Snaps? 0

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If you have had fixed appliances fitted whether it be on the front of your teeth or behind your teeth then you will have been given wear and care instructions on the day they were fitted.  

At this point we always advise to check your appliances daily to ensure nothing has come off and any additional items we may have added to the appliance are intact. Breakages can occur for a variety of reasons but the most common reason is that the patient has bitten into something they shouldn’t have.