Hidden brace options for social events


Hidden brace options

Is your diary bursting at the seams with plans for the summer?  Weddings, parties and festivals galore. Summer Smiles! We can straighten your teeth and give you a smile to exude happiness! 

If you would like straighter teeth but don’t want traditional metal braces, then ever-advancing technology has enabled us to offer brace options that are completely hidden.  Invisalign is a clear aligner system that fits exactly over your teeth, and as you progress through a series of trays your teeth move into the correct position. It is advised that you wear your Invisalign for 22 hours per day so if you are out for a meal in the evening or at a gig, you can remove them and once you're home or finished eating and drinking, brush your teeth and place back in. 

Alternatively, Incognito lingual appliances (braces that are fitted behind your teeth) allow you to continue life as normal and no one knows you are undergoing orthodontic treatment!  This is the perfect option for people with busy social calendars, as we do all the work for you. You merely need to schedule an appointment with us every 4-6 weeks and we will adjust your braces for you. The Incognito appliance is available in 2 options either a full system that corrects all of your teeth and bite or a lite system that straightens only the front teeth. It isn’t always possible to just straighten the front teeth for a variety of orthodontic reasons however this could all be explained to you in a consultation.  

Your consultation would involve an assessment by a Consultant orthodontist, clinical photographs, radiographs and a scan of your teeth (should they be required). They will also run through the treatment options available to you and the associated costs. The costs are all broken down into an initial deposit and manageable monthly payments. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and see models of the brace option. Once you have had your consultation, a written summary will follow in the post so you have time to think about which appliance would suit you best.  

If you have any further questions on the hidden braces we offer please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 884 1481.

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