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What’s the best way to clean your retainer? 0


Oral hygiene is a very important part of your morning and night-time routine. Whether you have a retainer or braces, you should make sure to maintain a good method in order to keep everything squeaky-clean. So in this blog, we will discuss the right and wrong methods needed to keep your retainer clean!

How Effective are Lingual Braces? 0

lingual braces

Now, it’s very common that everyone wants straight teeth. And if you don’t, you're probably lying.

Correcting misaligned teeth or correcting bites can be tricky, especially because there are so many treatments now available. At Northenden, we offer treatments such as InvisalignCeramic bracesLingual braces to Metal braces and Self-ligating braces.

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Smile your way into the New Year 0

New Year smile

Do you go by the phrase, New Year, New Me? Well how about New Year, New Smile! A new year is usually time for lifestyle changes and new diets that people often tend not to stick to. However, orthodontic treatment is permanent* and comes with visible results. Often having a positive psycho social affect too.