We’ve Reopened the Practice!


Practice Reopening | Northenden House Orthodontics

Due to government guidelines we are now open again.

Carry on reading our blog for more information regarding patients, routine adjustments and advice by the British Orthodontic Society.

Returning Patients

Currently, we have been treating those patients who have experienced problems during lock down.

Urgent problems include anything causing: 

  • Significant pain/discomfort 
  • Broken fixed appliances (train-tracks) that are causing significant discomfort/pain (note that loose or lost brackets do not constitute an urgent problem unless you are in pain) 
  • If you are not sure whether your problem is urgent please use the same email address to contact us, providing a contact phone number.

For more information please click here.

BOS Advice for brace problems and solutions

Problem: Wire digging in

Solution: Use tweezers to get wire into correct position or trim with nail clippers. If the wire is too thick then just cover with dental wax.

Problem: Broken bonded retainers

Solution: Push down wire and cover with dental wax or use a removable plastic retainer for the time being until you can be seen by your orthodontist.

Problem: Lost Retainers

Solution: Consider ordering online a ‘boil in the bag’ (heat moldable) gum shield to use and wear at night to reduce the risk of relapse.

For more resources click here.

Going to the orthodontist during COVID19 pandemic

Can I see my orthodontist now?

As the coronavirus lockdown restrictions are being eased, we have started to rebook appointments. You will be contacted when you can be seen next.

Is everything back to normal now? 

Not just yet. We are adapting our working environment to ensure maximum safety for you, your family and our staff.

For more FAQs click here.

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