How We’re Staying Connected With Patients at Northenden House


Staying Connected With Patients | Northenden House Orthodontics

Although some lockdown restrictions have been lifted and the practice is now open for certain appointments, we might not be able to see everyone.

Read more to find out what we’re putting in place to ensure better communication between us and our patients.

Over-the-phone check ins for current patients

If you have any issues like a wire digging in or a broken bracket, you can call us over the phone. Check in, let us know the problem and if you need help we can walk you through how to fix it. Even if everything is going well, checking in is still a great idea because it lets us make sure your treatment is on track.

Online consultations for new patients

If you’ve been thinking about getting brace treatment, you don’t have to come into the practice. We’ve got you covered with online consultations which you can book here.

Just fill in your information, snap a few pictures and one of our clinicians will evaluate your details. We will then send you over our recommendations or you can arrange a video consultation to discuss your options.

If you would then like to proceed with treatment, we will schedule an appointment to attend the practice to take orthodontic records.

The benefits of online consultations

Convenient – You can complete our form from anywhere. Complete it whenever you have a few minutes of downtime and then you can arrange a video call with an orthodontist to discuss your options further. 

Saves time – Since there’s no driving to the practice, you’ll save time. 

Social distancing – Virtual visits are the safest option as you’ll do everything from your own home with no physical contact. 

If you’d like any more information regarding the details of this blog then contact us here.

Or call us directly using the number 0161 884 1481.

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