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At Northenden House Orthodontics we want everyone to have a beautiful smile. Sometimes it's not just as simple as having braces to straighten your teeth and can involve an approach from a variety of dental professionals.  Whether it be stabilising your oral hygiene (health of your gums and teeth) with a periodontist and regular visits to a hygienist, or you are interested in a full smile makeover. We can help you along the way.  

We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of dentistry, that we call a multi-disciplinary approach. So for example, you may have a missing tooth that the space isn’t wide enough to place an implant, orthodontics can align the teeth and potentially move your teeth into the space or create a suitable space for the implant.  We can then work closely with the Implantologist and Prosthodontist (a dental professional that specialises in the restoration of teeth) to arrange these appointments and to ensure treatment is as successful as possible.  

Other cases that may require additional services are un erupted (hidden/buried) teeth.  Depending upon the treatment plan drawn up between you and your Orthodontist, you may decide to uncover the tooth and try to bring it into alignment. 

It may be the case that following treatment you would like a stained filling that has now been uncovered changed or you want to consider replacing a crown or 2, for which we will contact your existing dentist and they can discuss further treatment options with you.  

Orthodontic treatment is all about teamwork and achieving the best for our patients. 

If you have any questions about orthodontic treatment and whether you think it’s the right path for you, why not contact us and book a complimentary consultation today and we can discuss your options further.

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