6 Things to avoid while wearing braces


Things To Avoid With Braces | Northenden House Orthodontics

When you have braces it is very important that you look after them to avoid any unnecessary visits to your Orthodontist. With this in mind, we decided to come up with a list of things we warn patients not to do when they have braces. 

Chew bubblegum

Bubblegum and regular mint gum are chewy and sticky which means it is easy to become trapped in between your appliance. It also creates the risk of your braces bending whilst you’re chewing the gum. 

Chew on ice

Some may think chewing on ice is refreshing, however, braces or not it is bad for you. Your teeth and braces are both puts at risk of breaking as they are not supposed to be biting on something extremely hard. While it may be nice to chew on it’s not worth the trip to your dentist or Orthodontist. 

Open packaging with your teeth

Some people can be tempted to rip into plastic packaging or open a bottle lid with their teeth but this also puts you at risk of breaking your teeth and braces. You should avoid doing this and open packaging with the correct utensils. 

Play invasive sports without a mouthguard

Invasive sports such as rugby or anything that involves a ball should be played whilst wearing a mouthguard to prevent any hits to the face impacting your braces or damaging your teeth. It’s better to wear one just in case rather than nothing. 

Eat hard and sticky foods

Like ice and chewing gum, foods that are hard and sticky such as boiled sweets and gummy sweets will have the same effect on your braces. If you fancy something sweet, why not have a piece of soft cake without sticky icing. 

Forgetting to brush

During your brace treatment, you should make you remember to brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after each meal and snack. Especially if you have Invisalign as it will prevent any food particles getting trapped in the aligner. If you forget to brush your teeth after meals food particles can get stuck in your aligners and develop into plaque which will later be difficult to clean away

If you have any problems with your braces or need to book an emergency appointment due to breakages, make sure you contact the practice on 0161 884 1481. 

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