4 Foods That Help Keep Your Mouth Healthy


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Brushing your teeth is essential for keeping a clean and healthy mouth and also helps you to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. There are some foods however, that can benefit your mouth and teeth. Continue reading to see which foods you should be adding to your diet. 

Dairy products

Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt contain the mineral calcium which keeps teeth and bones healthy. As a dairy alternative, you can also find calcium in some soya milk. Regular milk contains the protein Casein which strengthens your tooth enamel and fights tooth decay. 


The best thing to do if you do develop tooth decay is to contact your dentist for professional advice. 


Raw onions contain sulphur which has lots of health benefits. It works to kill the harmful bacteria in your mouth. To remove the taste of raw onion we advise that you brush your teeth and tongue after any meal or snack.

Apples and celery

Apples and celery are a healthy snack alternative to sweets or crisps and while being good for your diet, they also help clean your teeth. When you chew these crunchy snacks, you stimulate the production of your saliva which cleans your enamel. Apples contain natural sugars which work to neutralise any harmful acids in your mouth. The vitamins they contain also promote healthy gums. 


If you have braces, make sure you cut up any hard fruit or veg into small bite-sized pieces, just to prevent breakages or from anything getting stuck between your braces


Kiwis are packed with vitamin C, so much that they contain more than any other fruit. Vitamin C strengthens the collagen in your gum tissue. This helps protect you from periodontal disease, the breakdown of your gum tissue. 


While these foods are good for your teeth and mouth, the best thing to do to prevent tooth decay and other dental issues is to keep up a good oral hygiene routine and have regular checkups with your dentist and orthodontist. 

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