Foods to avoid with Ceramic Braces

Foods unsuitable for ceramic braces

When choosing a brace it is important to be aware of the things you can and can’t eat, to avoid potential damage. In this blog, we will discuss which foods you will need to stay clear of.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are one of the most effective fixed appliances on the market, with the added benefit of it being hidden. Ceramic braces work the same as metal braces and the only difference is that the brackets are clear or tooth coloured. This is great for anyone who may not be a fan of metal wires, as they will straighten extreme irregularities and bites.

Why do I need to watch what I eat?

Before having ceramic braces fitted you have the freedom to eat anything you fancy but when you have braces fitted you need to be slightly careful. The brackets and wires that make up ceramic braces can bend, become dislodged or come off completely if you eat foods that are too hard, sticky or crunchy. Continue reading to learn which foods your ceramic braces should definitely stay clear of.

Sticky sweets and toffees

Any type of hard candy especially toffee and fudge is usually a nightmare to eat, as they easily become stuck in your teeth. So think about what this would be like with a brace. This is exactly why we tell our patients to stay very clear of all sweets sticky and chewy. As well as having a high risk of breakage, foods containing a high level of sugar, a carbohydrate, that along with the bacteria on your teeth, helps to form tooth decay and will then lead to cavities.

Is there a sweet alternative? In small amounts, soft, room-temperature pieces of chocolate are fine for your sweet tooth. You could also try a soft cake, such as vanilla or chocolate. We suggest you stay away from fruit cake or anything with nuts as these will cause harm.

Nuts, crisps and pretzels

These tasty nibbles are a great snack...unless you have braces. If eaten, during your treatment your ceramic braces will most likely become damaged. You are also at risk of getting them trapped between some of your wires and could be difficult to remove.

Bracket Discolouration

Another thing to be wary of when choosing something to eat is to be sure that nothing will lead to discolouration. If you’re not careful, your ceramic braces may not seem very clear once you’ve had your favourite tomato soup. Some food is very highly pigmented and will lead your brackets to stain.

Purple foods

There are many delicious purple foods such as blackberries and beetroot that will change the colour of your ceramic braces. Their dark purple appearance stains everything else they touch so of course, you need to watch out so they don’t affect your braces.

Red foods

Red foods such as concentrated tomato-based soups and sauces will give your ceramic braces an orange tinge, so be careful and swill your mouth out afterwards.

So now you know which foods aren't suitable for your ceramic braces. If you're interested in having choosing braces to straighten your smile then contact us today!

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