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Are braces just for kids? I’m an adult, will they even work now that I’m older?

The answer is no and yes. Braces can be worn and will work on most teeth, no matter what your age.  Read on in this blog to learn about the types of braces available and how effective they are.

Traditional metal braces

Metal braces are the ‘train-track’ style braces, made of metal brackets and wires that run around your teeth. While they are commonly worn by teenagers, they are the most effective type available, showing quick results! If you are looking for a standard appliance that does the job, then metal braces are for you.

Lingual Braces

Adults, more specifically those of an older age, opt for lingual braces. This type of braces is fitted behind your teeth so that only you know about them. They work in the same way as traditional metal braces and give you the confidence to smile free without the worry of a visible appliance.


Invisalign is a clear aligner appliance that has similar benefits as lingual braces, they can’t be seen! The aligners are made to fit your teeth and can be removed easily to eat and clean. They are one of the most popular appliances available due to their appearance and flexibility. Invisalign is a very effective type of brace because as it can straighten the teeth and aims to correct irregular bites such as overbites and crossbites.

At Northenden House Orthodontics we offer many different types of braces, why not get in touch and learn more!

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