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At Northenden House Orthodontics, we don’t only offer treatment to children under 18 years old. We have plenty of orthodontic treatments available to adults ranging from lingual braces to Invisalign.

But despite having multiple options, we get adults wary of undergoing any kind of treatment simply because they think it may not work.

We’re here to tell you that you are never too old for braces. Many of the orthodontic appliances are still just as effective as they are for children, with the length of treatment taking only a little longer.

Here are a few questions we’ve had creep up before:

Are braces effective for adults?

No matter what age you are, a perfectly straight smile will do wonders for your confidence. They work just like they do for children, by moving your teeth into a better alignment. However, since adults are no longer growing, treatment may take longer than it does for teenagers. The average adult wears braces for 18 months to three years.

Can I get any treatment?

Yes. Metal braces are the most common but we do offer adult patients more discreet alternatives such as our Incognito braces, ceramic braces or Invisalign aligners.

Are these ‘discreet’ braces as effective as metal braces?

Our discreet options are extremely effective, with treatment time varying from patient to patient. Most adults opt for them because they’re able to get fantastic results without looking like they have braces.

How can I find out if I need braces?

Consult with your dentist and ask for an evaluation or you can go straight to the orthodontist. At Northenden House, we offer a free initial consultation where we do a quick evaluation of your teeth and jaw with a brief discussion of which treatments may work best for you. Then if you want to go ahead with treatment you will have a follow-up appointment for £95 where a full treatment plan will be outlined and x-rays, models and photographs of your teeth will be taken. 

You can visit our treatment page here to find out more about the appliances we offer. Or you can call us on 0161 884 1481 if you have any more questions. 

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