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Getting orthodontic treatment is easier than ever before. With so many locations all over the country, fixing your crooked teeth or bite is no longer such a hassle. Even better than that, modern technology has now allowed us to develop more preferred methods of teeth straightening. This means that treatments like Invisalign and ceramic braces are taking their well-deserved spots at the top of the leaderboard.

If you’re planning on getting an Invisalign treatment, why not read on for some guidance?

Now, there are quite a few dental or orthodontic practices across Manchester, over 10 to be more specific. This might make it difficult to decide which clinic to go to, but whatever you do don’t base it off location.

Why are we saying this?

Because the closest orthodontist to you might not be the one that has your best interests and well-being at heart. We recommend finding an Orthodontist that makes you feel comfortable and one you can trust to give you the result you’re looking for.

Here are some other tips on finding the right clinic for you:

  • Do they do it?
  • You can start narrowing it down by finding out which clinics offer clear aligners and which ones don’t.

    Pssst. In case you were wondering, here at Northenden House we actually offer clear aligner treatment.

  • Do they use a reliable brand?
  • Start by researching trusted brands. Invisalign and ClearCorrect are some of the bigger, more trusted names. Does the practice offer a reliable brand or is a lesser-known product? If it’s the latter we suggest you carry on looking.

    Pssst. By the way, at Northenden House we offer the most popular choice of clear aligners: Invisalign.

  • Value for money
  • Lastly, see if the practice you have chosen has a reasonable price range. Now, we know orthodontic treatment isn’t the cheapest, but by comparing clinics you should be able to see which ones are ripping you off and which ones are more fair.

    Pssst. If you didn’t already know, Invisalign at Northenden House is available from just under £2000. Plus you can even book for a free initial consultation!

    With all this to bear in mind, we really do hope you find the right Orthodontic practice for your Invisalign treatment.

    If you’d like more information about the treatments we provide you can email us at or call us today on 0161 884 1481.

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