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With every treatment, there will be a few things you need to know to prepare you and let you know what to expect before getting braces. Here are five things you need to know before getting metal braces.

Change of diet

When you have had metal braces fitted you will need to be wary of the foods you decide to eat. Metal braces are strong, however, they are at risk of breaking when you eat certain foods. Foods to avoid during your treatment process are crunchy, sticky or tough foods. Crisps and nuts are too hard for you to bite into and will put metal braces at risk of breaking. Chewing sticky sweets will get stuck in your metal braces and may dislodge your brackets and wires.

Brace pain

After your braces have been fitted, you will feel some discomfort which is caused by the new pressure that has been applied to your teeth. This should only last a few days as your mouth adjusts to the braces. To straighten your teeth, your metal brace will need to be tightened, which again increases the pressure your teeth are put under. Before having your metal braces fitted it is good to do some research into ways to relieve brace pain or discomfort.

How to fix your bite

If you choose metal braces to straighten your teeth, this will be achieved and you will have nice straight teeth afterwards. We aim to correct discrepancies with your bite if they aren’t too severe. However, for patients that have an overbite or underbite that can’t be fixed using just braces, orthognathic surgery will be required in conjunction with braces.

Changing braces during treatment time will be costly

If during your metal brace treatment you decide they are not for you and want to switch to a new appliance, you need to be aware that this will cost you. Deciding to change appliances during treatment will mean that you are paying for another appliance.

This applies for you if decide to change orthodontic practices, mid-way through treatment. You will still have to pay any fees from your current practice, on top of charges from the new practice.

Oral hygiene is your priority

If you don’t maintain a good oral hygiene routine throughout brace treatment, you may develop cavities. If not treated, cavities will develop into gum disease. When keeping your teeth clean is so easy and there is no reason not to have sparkling teeth every day.

After every meal, you should brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste and a medium toothbrush. Make sure to clean in between your wires and brackets as food may become stuck. Follow this by using dental floss and mouthwash for extra cleanliness.

If metal braces are something you are interested in, then contact us today and we’ll be happy to book a consultation for you.

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