Orthodontic options for adults in 2018


Orthodontic options for adults in 2018

If straightening your teeth and improving the appearance of your smile is amongst your New Year’s resolutions, a dental brace may be the answer. To help you choose, we’ve put together a brief overview of our range of effective teeth straightening solutions.

Invisalign aligners

Many of our patients feel self-conscious about having dental braces fitted, so Invisalign aligners offer a fantastic alternative to traditional solutions. Invisalign is one of the most popular teeth straightening treatments that we offer, simply because it is easy to use and almost impossible for other people to see once the aligners have been fitted.

Ceramic braces

Another subtle and popular option is Ceramic braces, which are fitted to the front of the teeth and formed of clear or tooth coloured brackets with metal wires running through them. These are an attractive alternative to metal braces as the material used is designed to blend in with the natural colour of the teeth and is therefore far less noticeable.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces offer a discreet and effective method of straightening teeth and are used to treat a variety of orthodontic issues faced by our patients. Comprised of small custom-made brackets and arch wires bonded to the back of the teeth, Lingual braces fit the individual shape of each tooth and are pretty much invisible to other people.

Metal braces

Traditional Metal braces are a mainstay of orthodontic treatment and one of the most affordable and recognisable teeth straightening solutions available. Small metal brackets are fitted to the front of a patient’s teeth which have an adjustable wire running between them. These are held into place by using a series of small elastic bands.

Self-ligating braces

Recognised as a modern alternative to metal braces, Self-ligating braces use small metal clips to keep wiring in place and attached to the arch wire, rather than using elastic bands. Self-ligating braces are far more comfortable than traditional braces, and because wires don’t require regular tightening the treatment time is generally much shorter.

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To find out more about the range of teeth straightening treatments offered by the experienced team at Northenden House Orthodontics, please call us on 0161 988 2622.

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