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Braces can help to correct a number of teeth alignment and bite problems, helping to not only improve the appearance of our teeth, but also to help make our life easier. To get the best possible results out of your braces, it’s important to practice careful brace care – this includes avoiding damaging your braces, whilst continuing with your daily oral healthcare routine.

Brace Care Top Tips | Northenden Orthodontics

Damaging your braces or poor oral healthcare can mean extra appointments with your orthodontist and in many cases, the length of your treatment is increased. To take the best care of your braces, be sure to follow our useful advice:


If you have braces with brackets and wires, you should take care to avoid particularly chewy foods as these can get stuck in your braces and break them. Whilst you can eat crunchy foods, such as apples; it’s advisable to cut them up into small pieces so you don’t have to bite into them.

In terms of your oral health, your teeth are much more vulnerable to problems such as tooth decay whilst you are wearing braces. It’s easy for food to get stuck behind brackets, so you should look to avoid especially sweet foods and sugary, acidic drinks such as fruit juices and fizzy drinks.

Cleaning your teeth

After every meal, it’s really important to clean your teeth using a fluoride toothpaste. When wearing fixed braces, you should take extra care, taking the time to brush around the brackets and wires, cleaning in between the teeth and where your teeth meet your gums. After brushing we also strongly recommend that you use a fluoride mouthwash.

Throughout your teeth straightening treatment, it’s important to also continue to monitor your overall oral health. Look out for mouth ulcers that last for more than 3 weeks and any unusual red or white spots as these can be signs of mouth cancer. November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, a campaign that aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer and help to save lives by promoting early detection and prevention.

Emergency care

If you take care to look after your braces carefully, emergency appointments shouldn’t be necessary, but on some occasions, it’s important to call us on 0161 998 2622. Brace emergencies can include dislodgement of the brace so that you cannot move it, as well as trauma to brace that has caused injury to your lips or cheeks. Call us immediately to leave a short message; your orthodontist will then ring you back as soon as possible.

If you have a broken wire or find that a bracket is loose, it’s also important to arrange an appointment. Even if you are due to see your orthodontist soon, it’s important to call the practice for advice as you may need an additional appointment to make any repairs that there may not be time to do during a routine appointment.

If you have any questions about brace care, contact Northenden House Orthodontics today by calling 0161 998 2622 or email info@manchesterorthodontics.co.uk.


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