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Retainers are incredibly useful for after you have worn braces, they ensure that your teeth maintain their position even after your braces have been taken off. But what are some of the frequently asked questions about them? Let's take a look today.

Do you have to wear a retainer forever?

After having your braces removed you will be expected to wear your removable retainers every night. However, there will come a point when you only have to wear them a few times a week. You will have to continue doing this for the rest of your life if you want to maintain straight teeth.

How long do teeth retainers last?

A retainer should be kept clean by brushing it just like your teeth. The retainer will eventually have to be replaced for typical wear and tear. But if it is handled properly, retainers should last for at least 2 years if not even longer.

What happens if you don’t wear a retainer?

If you do not wear your retainer after having your braces removed the natural process of your teeth drifting will eventually take hold and will slowly but surely go back to their original positions.

Can retainers damage your teeth?

The retainer itself does not damage teeth, otherwise no one would wear one. However, there is the chance of decay if you do not take care of the retainer or your teeth. Basically, you have to take more meticulous care of your teeth by paying attention to brushing and flossing, cleaning the retainer daily and not wearing it when you eat.

Is it bad to wear a tight retainer?

If you stop wearing your retainer regularly, there is nothing to prevent those stretched ligaments from pulling your teeth back to their pre-treatment position. Your removable aligners have been designed to perfectly fit your teeth in their new position, so when you try to squeeze them over teeth that have moved, they are likely to feel a tad tight. If you leave it long enough they may not fit at all so it is recommended that you keep your retainer in every night to ensure this does not happen.

Now you have some answers to a few of the frequently asked questions about retainers. If you are looking at getting new retainers or coming to the end of treatment and want more information contact us at 0161 884 1481.

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