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Top Tips For Dental Braces | Northenden Orthodontics

When you have dental braces fitted for the first time it can be difficult to get used to them, but caring for your new braces will help you to adapt and can play an important role in achieving excellent teeth straightening results.

Here we offer a few key tips on keeping your new braces clean and in great condition throughout the course of your teeth straightening treatment.

Be aware of problem foods

Wearing a brace will have obvious effects on what you can eat - so hard, sticky and chewy foods are certainly best avoided! Favourites such as hard fruits, crusty bread, nuts and candy should all be avoided as they are likely to cause unwanted issues for brace wearers and can be very difficult to remove if they become lodged in the brace mechanism.

Maintain excellent oral hygiene

It’s really important to keep a high standard of oral hygiene whilst you are wearing your braces, and your routine will probably have to be a little more thorough than usual. It is commonly advised that we brush and floss our teeth twice every day, but when wearing an adult dental brace, you should really aim to clean and rinse an hour after every meal.  

Try to be good!

Whether you are a notorious nail biter or have a bad habit of chewing pen tops, now is the time to stop! These bad habits can have painful consequences when wearing an adult brace and can lead to an unwelcome emergency trip to see your orthodontist. At a time when your oral health must be at its very best, it is also highly recommended to quit smoking whilst wearing a dental brace.  

Attend check-up appointments

Once your braces are fitted you will be required to attend a check-up with your orthodontist every six to eight weeks. These short appointments allow your orthodontist to access how the teeth straightening process is working throughout the course of your treatment and plays a vital role in identifying any potential issues before they become a problem.

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