Ways braces can change your life other than straightening your teeth


straightening your teeth

It’s a known fact that orthodontics is a fantastic journey to go through, starting with a crooked smile to one that is straight and glowing. But as some of you may not be aware, getting braces can also change your life in many other ways.

Carry on reading to find out exactly what we mean…

Your face shape and jawline might change

Now this will depend on your case but patients who have a misaligned bite may notice after treatment their face shape or jawline has changed. So orthodontic treatment not only achieves cosmetic improvement to the teeth but it can help people have a more comfortable and functional bite.

The smell of your breath may improve

Crooked and misaligned teeth make it rather hard for you to clean your teeth and those hard to reach spots. If you don’t clean properly it can lead to bad breath and oral health. But the good news is, after braces and once your teeth are straight, you may find brushing easier. Clean and healthy teeth = better smelling breath.

Your headaches and jaw pain have disappeared

We often find that patients with really bad cases sometimes suffer from grinding of the teeth (bruxism). This motion of rubbing your teeth into one another can cause many issues such as jaw pain, mouth ache and chronic headaches. Braces will nudge your teeth into their correct positions and allow biting forces to be distributed properly. This may relieve or reduce bruxism, and therefore these other issues too.

You might feel an increase in confidence

The main reason why so many people undergo brace treatment is because they are not happy with their smile. It could make them shy and self-conscious, which in turn will have an affect on how they live their lives. Braces can give you straight teeth and straight teeth can give you back your confidence. 

For straight teeth and a confident smile, get in touch with us today. At Northenden House Orthodontics, we offer a free initial consultation, what have you got to lose?

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