What Should I Do With Stained Braces?


stained braces

Stained braces are a common problem for many orthodontic patients, often adults have opted for a tooth coloured brace because it is an aesthetic option however the staining can be off putting all beit does not affect the integrity of the brace or how it works.

Common dental braces staining agents

Coffee and tea have to be the most common staining agents in the world. You will notice that if you drink vast amounts of it then the tooth will stain around the bracket of your brace leaving noticeable dark lines around the edge.  This is not able to be removed by yourself, your dental professional would have to do this.  Next on the list is smoking. Nicotine and tar deposits will show up on your braces as nasty brown stains, much like on fingernails or wallpaper. Items of food or drink that contain turmeric and saffron will stain the elastic module that holds the wire in position, it will turn the elastic from a clear colour to a bright yellow or orange.

How to stop your brace from staining

To stop your brace from staining we would recommend having milky tea or coffee so the intensity of the drink is diluted.  We also advise not to smoke whilst your orthodontic appliance is in place, not only regarding the staining aspect but the ill effect it has on the gums and supporting structures of your mouth.  Smoking increases periodontal problems and can contribute to the mobility of your teeth.  When we fit your braces we explain how to clean your teeth thoroughly whit fixed appliances in situe and the foods types to avoid.  We would recommend that if you would like a curry or heavily coloured food then to have this the night before you are due to see us for an adjustment, this way the little elastics that will become stained will be changed the next day.  We don’t recommend changing the elastics more frequently than your appointment interval as this can over activate the appliance.

What NOT to use on your dental braces

Although the internet swears by it, citric acid or lemon juice cannot be used to remove stains. They may remove them, but they will also eat up your tooth enamel. This goes for all kinds of acid, regardless of how weak. The best policy is to talk to your orthodontist first, as s/he may have a good solution to your problem, and may even clean the stain off him or herself.     


Now you know what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to stained braces, so make sure to get in touch with Northenden House today if you are in need of help with stained braces or if you require further information at 0161 884 1481. 

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