Why Braces Become Loose And How To Fix Them


loose braces


Having orthodontic braces will be one of the best things you can do as you can completely change your smile and get the smile of your dreams. However, they can be problematic at times, especially when they are loose. 

But why do braces become loose?

Braces can become loose due to several factors, these may include:

  • An injury to the mouth that results in a bracket being knocked
  • Not brushing your teeth with care
  • Consuming the wrong food or food that is too hard for the brace
  • Brackets not attached properly (bond failure)

But now, how do you fix your loose brace?

If you think your brace might be loose, start by examining your mouth to see whether your brace wire is still attached to the bracket. If it is, try and push it back in. If you think you may need to speak to your orthodontist, please get in touch with our practice as soon as you can. 

If the wire is irritating your mouth, make sure to rinse with saltwater on a regular basis. You can also add some orthodontic wax to the end of the wire to stop it from rubbing. 

Loose brackets are very common among patients, but you need to make sure you fix it without delay. 

Get in touch with us at Northenden House Orthodontics today if you have a loose bracket or wire. Our team of expert Orthodontics are dedicated to providing exceptional care and treatment so that you enjoy a healthy and perfect smile. Call to book your appointment now on 0161 998 2622.

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