Why Teeth Straightening Is Right For Your Overall Health


teeth straightening

Aside from the aesthetic reasons for straightening your teeth, having brace treatment can actually prove beneficial to your overall health. This is because improved oral health contributes to better overall physical health. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons how teeth straightening can improve your health.

Straightening your teeth improves your oral hygiene. 

If your teeth are crooked or overlap before having braces then the likelihood is that it is harder for you to clean in between your teeth. This is because bits of food can get easily trapped and will result gradually in plaque build up which can cause tooth decay. After having brace treatment your teeth will be straighter with no overlaps meaning that it will be easier for you to clean in between your teeth and this will improve your oral hygiene. 

Straightening your teeth prevents excessive tooth wear.

Did you know that crooked or crowded teeth can cause improper chewing which results in enamel and tooth wear over time. However, with straight teeth less friction is caused between the teeth meaning tooth wear is kept to a minimum. 

Straightening your teeth enhances gum health.

Periodontal disease is something that no one wants. Whether your teeth are spaced too far apart or too close together periodontal disease can occur due to poor hygiene and not brushing your teeth frequently enough causing the gums to become irritated, red and inflamed. By straightening your teeth with Invisalign there are less chances of food becoming stuck between teeth, and so enhancing your gum health.

Straightening your teeth can reduce headaches.

Did you know that your crooked teeth could be the cause of the headaches you’ve been getting? This is because crooked teeth puts stress and pressure on your gums and even your jaw. By straightening your teeth you will reduce the pressure and therefore the headaches that are being caused. 

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