Three Tips For Looking After Your Brace This Christmas


braces at Christmas

Manage what you eat

Mince pies are traditional naughties for this time of year. However they are quite sticky in structure and can stick to your teeth and under your braces.  Perhaps swap them for a shortbread biscuit but be mindful they aren’t too hard otherwise you risk breaking your orthodontic appliance.

Everyone is busy at this time of year but try and plan your meals so you are sticking to your brace care advice, this will help to avoid any undue visits to us! Take care at the Christmas party to avoid the crusty roll with your soup and to check following your main meal that no food debris has become lodged between the tooth and your appliance.

Fun Christmas frockling can often include the consumption of alcohol, however it can be quite high in sugar and acid which can have a detrimental affect on your teeth. Take care to brush your teeth when you get home but ensure it's 30 minutes after you have had something to eat or drink.  

  • Keep your braces clean

  • Tasty treats are very tempting over the festive season. If you treat yourself, be sure to brush thoroughly afterwards.  Be mindful not to skip any of the cleaning episodes throughout the day or you could put your teeth at risk of decay or demineralisation.  Keep your travel tooth brush and mini tooth paste handy to ensure your brace remains spotlessly clean, then when you return home in the evening, brush thoroughly taking care to clean under the wire too. Why not treat your teeth and gums this Christmas to a visit with the hygienist? Your dental surgeon will be able to recommend a suitable clinician for you to see.

  • Keep in touch with your orthodontic practice

  • Should you notice you have lost a bracket, or caused damage to the wire, then always give your orthodontic practice a call.  We will make a note of what has happened on your account and advise you further, it maybe the case that we require to see you sooner than your next appointment to rectify the issue or we may do the repair at your next routine adjustment.  If you are experiencing discomfort from your orthodontic appliances you should contact the practice, and we can guide you further. To relieve sharp wires or uncomfortable brackets then be sure to use orthodontic wax to get you through, it is not harmful if digested and is made from vegetable wax therefore is suitable for everyone.

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