Why is chocolate a safe treat for those with braces?


Chocolate safe for braces? | Manchester Orthodontics

Generally, chocolate is a safer treat for those that have braces as it is consumed in one go, a bag of jelly sweets tends to be consumed over a period of time. Jelly sweets are sticky in nature and often coated in sugar, this then traps around the orthodontic appliance and is tricky to remove. With eating the jelly sweets over a period of time it doesn’t allow the teeth to recover in between a meal or snack.  As a rule, we would like our teeth to be exposed to 3 acid attacks per day. An acid attack occurs when we eat or drink something. Drinking water or tea/coffee with no added sugar is a good way to stay hydrated so are not to be included within the amount of acid attacks but, snacking and a drink of fruit juice or a carbonated drink would be.

We advise that treats are consumed following your lunch or evening meal so not as a snack, this keeps within your episodes of eating per day. It is always advised to follow the brace care advice and that following your meals you wait 30 minutes and then brush your teeth. This will keep your teeth nice and healthy throughout orthodontic treatment.

Chocolate is a nice treat, however be careful of hidden dangers.

  • Chocolate with fruit and nut: the nuts are too hard and may cause brackets to come off, the raisins are very sticky and will get stuck around your appliance.
  • Chocolate that contains caramel is very sticky and chewy and should be avoided.
  • Chocolate that contains nougat: Nougat could remove the little elastics that hold your wire in position and also debond your brackets as well as get stuck around your appliance.
  • Chocolate from the fridge is too hard to eat whilst wearing orthodontic appliances, ensure it is at room temperature before consuming.

Why not consider a hot chocolate for your dessert, cuddle up in your pj’s and watch a festive film!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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