How Celebrities and Social Media Are Making Dental Braces More Popular


Dental braces have traditionally never been a popular thing. In fact, they’re notoriously associated with the opposite – awkward teenagers dreading being known as the ‘brace-face’ or ‘metal-mouth’ amongst their group. However dental braces have come a long way since their big and bulky ancestors; modern braces are now much smaller and less noticeable, and newer technologies allow for faster, more comfortable treatments. Whereas a few decades ago, people would pass up on the opportunity to have braces as they’d be anxious about their appearance, they have now become a much more accepted treatment for teens and adults alike.  

A major influencing factor in the gaining popularity of dental braces is the celebrity uptake. Many Hollywood stars, singers, sporting legends and even royals have embraced the brace in their bid to wow their audiences with a perfectly straight smile. And not just in their teenage years – Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage and Gwen Stefani have all opted for braces as adults, in view of the public. That train tracks have become accepted in the celebrity sphere where up keeping appearances is a must, provides people with positive encouragement to wear braces and improve their oral health and smile.

Though celebrities straightening their teeth with orthodontics is no new thing, social media coverage has really help to boost support on the braces front. TV presenter and Loose Women panellist, Andrea McLean, recently decided to have braces fitted alongside her 14-year-old son Finlay. Although she avoided having them as a teenager, as they were no-popular thing, the positive encouragement she and her son have received on social media greatly shows the increased acceptance of dental braces and their more positive cultural appeal.

As a widely used and extremely effective treatment, many people are now choosing to advocate wearing braces on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, posting pictures of their newly fitted appliances and taking their friends and followers through their journey to a straighter set of teeth. Ultimately social sites are offering those wearing dental braces a community, where there is a newfound confidence that comes with improving their smiles. From traditional metal, to brightly coloured and natural-looking ceramic braces, there are many dental braces available to suit your needs to get the smile you’ve always wanted. You can see case studies of some of our patients with ceramic braces here, or contact us on 0161 998 2622 to discuss your requirements and book a consultation.

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