How can orthodontic treatment benefit someone with crooked teeth?


Crooked Teeth Braces Treatment | Northenden House Orthodontics

Orthodontic braces are an appliance used to correct crowded or crooked teeth, or sometimes a misaligned jaw. Braces are most often used during adolescence, but more and more adults are getting orthodontic braces later in life to straighten their teeth or align their bite. 


There has been a lot of research undertaken to try to evaluate the benefit of orthodontic treatment for patients. Many patients will have a brilliant outcome and they are overjoyed with the result but the biggest aspect will be the change it has brought to their lives. They have improved confidence which positively affects all aspects of their life.


How Braces Move Teeth

Braces move your teeth by exerting constant pressure on them for extended periods of time. The alignment of your teeth gradually adapts to conform to this pressure. We start with a flexible light wire which moves the teeth into a better position, especially if they are crowded. We would then gradually move up into thicker wires which gives us more control over the teeth. 


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