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Happiness you see, braces you don’t.

We want you to feel happy and confident when you smile, so why not consider orthodontics to correct the position of your teeth? We have a variety of semi invisible and invisible appliances to choose from that are designed for comfort and versatility.

You may associate orthodontics or braces with the typical metal ‘train track’ brace. However, innovations in the industry have meant that we are now able to offer excellent cosmetic options as an alternative to the traditional brace, but equally do an excellent job at aligning the teeth. Our semi invisible appliance of 3M Clarity Advanced brackets and tooth coloured wires offer a fixed brace system that allows us to correct all severities of malocclusion. From a social distance the appliance is barely visible, often many of our patients comment that their family didn’t even notice when they returned home following their fitting appointment.

Invisalign is another popular appliance system that offers discretion. Ever advancing there Smart Track technology, Invisalign can aid open bite closure, space closure and in teens can replace the traditional functional appliances. With a minimum wear of 22 hours per day it means the appliances can be safely removed for eating and cleaning your teeth meaning that your favourite foods need not be avoided.

The ultimate hidden brace is a fixed braced fitted on the lingual surface of your teeth. The lingual surface is the tooth surface on the inside of your mouth. This makes this type of appliance completely invisible. It is the perfect balance between the finesse expressed through a fixed brace and the perfect discrete appliance. The lingual system utilised by Northenden House Orthodontics is called Incognito. It is a custom made appliance manufactured from gold for supreme comfort.  

We want you to feel comfortable and confident throughout your orthodontic journey; we will guide you all the way and endeavour to make it as smooth as possible. Why not explore your options of a perfect smile by booking a consultation with one of our consultant orthodontists on 0161 884 1481?


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