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Orthodontics can fulfil your dream of a straight and aligned smile. But it’s not just the job of your orthodontic consultant to get you that perfect smile, you also play a part. If you don’t take care of your teeth and braces properly, you could slow down the progress of your new smile. Neglecting good oral care could lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

With that being said, we’re presenting you with some simple and proven tips to protect your teeth with braces.

Tip 1 - Brush your teeth well

This may seem like a simple task that everyone should do, but brushing your teeth with braces can get tricky. Too harsh and you could break or dislodge brackets. Too soft and you may not be cleaning your teeth well enough. 

Our advice would be to use a toothbrush with medium bristles, brush after every meal, use interproximal cleaning brushing such as Tepe and use a fluoride mouthwash at a separate time to brushing.

Tip 2 - Floss Regularly

Did you know flossing removes 40% of plaque? Having braces means you are more likely to miss spots when brushing, flossing reaches where a brush can’t. Normal floss is hard to navigate when wearing braces which is why we recommend interdental brushes (you can pick some of these up next time you’re in the practice!)

Tip 3 - Eat Soft Foods

With braces, you should try to avoid hard and sticky foods. Consuming foods such as nuts, hard fruits, fibrous veggies, popcorn, etc is a big no as they could damage your brace. Meaning more trips to the orthodontist, thus slowing down your treatment time. Check out our other blog for some brace food advice

Tip 4 - Visit Your Orthodontist

At Northenden House, we will provide you with a timeline of your check-up appointments. Don’t skip those due dates as it’s vital we check the progress of your treatment. They can prevent any other dental health problems from aggravating and we can also check for loose brackets or wires.

The short and sweet answer? Look after your braces and your treatment will run smoothly and on time. Neglect them and your oral health, well, your treatment could extend a couple of extra months.

We are a trusted Orthodontic service provider in Cheshire and Manchester, so why not contact us today for a free consultation and get your teeth straightened out for a healthier smile.

Visit our website here or call us on 0161 884 1481.

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