Overjet vs Overbite: Treatments for both


Overjet vs Overbite

Overjet vs Overbite

Overbite and overjet are two types of malocclusion. People often confuse them to be the same, but they are uniquely different.

The main difference between overjet teeth and overbite teeth is the angle of the upper teeth and jaw.

Overbite: the angle of misalignment is vertical and your upper teeth point downwards

Overjet: the angle of misalignment is horizontal and your teeth may protrude diagonally against the lower teeth

Problems related to untreated bites

There’s not only cosmetic reasons to treat overbite and overjet but also many oral and overall health problems too. Examples below:

  • Damaged & Fractured Teeth
  • Pain in the Jaw
  • Gum Damage
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Trauma to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Treatment for Overjets and Overbites

Treatment for overjet teeth is slightly more complicated than overbite teeth, simply because there’s the added step of having to move your teeth vertically. However it’s not impossible and your orthodontist will tell you the right treatment after the diagnosis of your bite. If you think you may have overjet or an overbite, be sure to book a consultation with us so we can help you start a treatment to a straighter smile. 

Severe jaw discrepancies paired with crooked teeth can be treated with orthognathic surgery and orthodontic appliance. As stated before though, this will depend greatly on each patient and their specific case. Sometimes, with less severe cases, only brace treatment is necessary.

The types of braces you could expect to receive for fixing your overjet teeth or overbite include:

If you are unsure of whether you have an abnormal bite or severe misalignment, then make sure to book a free consultation here at Northenden House Orthodontics. Either fill out the form on our website or give us a call on 0161 884 1481 today.

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