Oral health tips for patients with dental braces


Brace care tips

However long you have to wear braces, it’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy during treatment. As part of Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, here we offer some top tips for keeping your oral health regime tip top during when wearing braces.

  1. Do as you usually do!

Having braces fitted may make it more uncomfortable to keep to your usual routine, but it’s important to maintain the same oral hygiene regime advised by your dentist. So make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day and remember to use inter-dental tools to clear any food debris where possible.

  1. Drink plenty of H2O

Patients who wear braces often find that food can become lodged in their fittings. Thankfully, drinking plenty of water is really helpful way of cleaning the mouth and removing food debris that may become stuck, clearing your mouth and helping to prevent the build-up of plaque and other related complications.

  1. Don’t rush to brush

Regardless of whether or not you wear a brace, some foods and beverages, especially those that are acidic, can cause tooth enamel to erode, and brushing can cause damage to your teeth whilst in that weakened state. Your orthodontist will advise patients to wait for up to one hour before brushing following a meal.

  1. Visit your orthodontist

Once your brace is fitted it is vitally important to attend any check-ups scheduled with your orthodontist. These sessions rarely take more than 30 minutes and help your orthodontist to check on the progress of your tooth straightening treatment and identify any underlying issues with your teeth, gums or general oral health.

To find out more about the range of teeth straightening treatments offered by the experienced team at Northenden House Orthodontics, please call us on 0161 988 2622.

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  • Dr. Rusznak, Orthodontics Ashburn VA
    Dr. Rusznak, Orthodontics Ashburn VA

    Not just for kids and teens anymore, today, plenty of adults are taking that extra step and getting dental braces, too. Whether to correct longstanding dental concerns such as occlusions or to simply improve appearance, there are many improvements and advancements in dentistry and orthodontics today, making braces an option for anyone who needs them.

  • Dental care pune
    Dental care pune

    Those were some amazing tips for maintaining dental hygiene with braces.

  • Teeth alignment braces
    Teeth alignment braces

    A lot of people nowadays use such braces to align their tooth. A typical treatment requires about 20 months and the braces need to be worn at all times.

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