How Lingual Braces Can Give You the Smile You Have Always Wanted


For a beautiful smile more and more of us are benefitting from cosmetic dentistry to align our teeth, enhance our facial structure and gain confidence in our appearance. However, many of us considering these benefits may be put off by having to spend quite a long period of time wearing traditional fixed braces, putting on hold the smile we’ve always wanted. Wearing traditional braces can take up to two years, and if you have planned events where you’ll want to look your best, you may feel that this is not an option and that you’ll be left unhappy with your smile. There are alternative orthodontic solutions however, which can improve your smile without even being noticeable to others. Lingual braces are an ‘invisible’ option which allow you to smile confidently, even during treatment.

How Can Lingual Braces Work For Me?

Lingual braces offer exactly the same solution as traditional fixed braces, except that they are completely discreet when you smile. Unlike conventional braces, lingual braces are fixed to the inside surfaces of your teeth, making them virtually invisible to others.

Using latest technologies, the lingual brackets and wires are fully customised to the individual shape of each of your teeth. As a result the brace will be less bulky and more discreet compared with conventional braces, and will also be more comfortable.

If you have always wanted a straighter smile without affecting your social situations and lifestyle, lingual braces could be the best solution. Lingual braces are a perfect treatment option for teenagers or adults who have a limited time frame, or who may feel self-conscious about wearing braces. This orthodontic solution is very popular for people with a public profile, who want to achieve a straighter smile without it being noticed.

Stages of treatment

  1. An initial consultation will review your mouth and check that you are suitable for treatment. Here you can ask any questions about lingual braces and find out more about how it works and how long it will take. The time it will take is highly individual, although treatment usually takes a bit longer than wearing traditional metallic braces. If you’re suitable for treatment, an intricate impression of your teeth will be created, which will then be used to form your custom made braces.
  2. Once your braces are formed they can be fitted. These will need to be fitted individually to match the different contours and shapes of your teeth. When the brackets are in place, the wires are threaded through, and your treatment process can begin.
  3. You’ll need to check in with your orthodontist regularly throughout treatment, and make sure to take proper care of your teeth during this time. Once treatment is complete, you’ll see the results of a straighter and more confident smile that you’ve always wanted.

Lingual braces are an ideal treatment option as they have the same high level of effectiveness in correcting your smile as traditional fixed braces, without the worry of people seeing that you’re straightening your teeth. A common problem with traditional braces is that they can leave signs of decalcification from the erosion of enamel on the front of your teeth. Because lingual braces are placed behind the teeth, they will not leave any unwanted marks that people could see on your front facing teeth, giving you a better looking smile.

If you’re based in Manchester and want to learn more about lingual braces and other orthodontic treatments to get the smile you’ve always wanted, please call us on 0161 998 2622 to book an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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