As your smile will also be focused on in these many photos, you will want your teeth to look their very best.  If you are planning ahead of your big day, and have a list of things to arrange – why not go for a consultation with an orthodontist too?

If you would like a perfect smile for your big day, an orthodontist may advise on having various types of teeth straightening treatment.  One option would be to have Incognito® – which is a type of procedure that involve braces being placed behind your teeth to straighten them.  So, as your wedding day will be approaching you will probably not want braces on show – that is where Incognito® would be perfect.

These virtually invisible adult braces are made from gold alloy, and can be a great alternative to other teeth straightening treatments which are available.  This is a far better alternative than having the traditional metal braces which are clearly visible.

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It may only be necessary to wear the Incognito® braces for a short amount of time depending on the current positioning of your teeth and how much you would like them to be moved.

Other advantages of wearing Incognito® braces are:

  • They are individually designed and created for your teeth
  • They are invisible from the outside
  • There is little discomfort from wearing them
  • Speech is not affected
  • Treatment is suitable for all age groups

If you have been considering having your teeth straightened for some time, now could be the perfect chance.  With advanced technology and equipment, our orthodontists are able to provide some of the best advice to give you a beautifully straight smile.

Being confident on your big day is really important, you will be the main focus on the day so having everything perfectly in order is something many brides want.  An orthodontist will be able to offer you great care, ensuring that your smile will be a part of memorable photographs, which you will be able to keep and treasure.

Northenden House Orthodontics offer Incognito® treatment to many patients including those that are brides-to-be. If you would like any more advice please call 0161 998 2622.