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So let’s say you’ve had your braces on for 2 years, and they’re finally coming off. You’re super excited to have perfect, straight teeth and you can’t wait to show them all off to all your friends. The only problem is, they might not stay like forever as they can move with age. But, thanks to retainers, you can actually keep them straighter for longer.

Retainers keep your teeth in place after you have had braces to avoid them returning to their original position.

How long do you have to wear them for?

Your dentist will tell you how long you have to wear the retainer, but it’s most likely you will have to wear it every day for around 4 months. Then after that, you’d wear them nightly to ensure that your teeth remain completely straight.

Do they hurt?

The first few times that they are worn may hurt as it may take a few days to get used to them. They may also feel tight and strange for the first few days but with continued used should become to feel normal. If you forget to put your retainer in at night, then the next time you put them in it may feel tight since your teeth have had a chance to move.

How to clean them?

Retainers are in your mouth, therefore, they have to be cleaned. You can clean them like how you would your teeth, using a toothbrush and toothpaste and using mouthwash. You can also buy dissolvable tablets from your local dentist or pharmacist.

What to do if you lose your retainer

To avoid losing your retainer, you should put them in a brightly coloured box so that they stand out, and also store them in a safe place. However, if you do lose your retainer then you should ring the orthodontist to try and arrange an appointment to receive a new one.

Will it affect the rest of your life?

Not hugely, however, you should try to remember to sleep with them in. This is to avoid your teeth going back to how they were before you had braces. The only other difference you might notice is how it makes you sound when you speak, and that you also can’t eat food with them in either.

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