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Despite the fantastic results, having braces can be a slightly uncomfortable experience.

Some people find the wires and rubber a little disconcerting, others become frustrated by the more limited meal options, whilst some struggle with the new brushing routine.

However for many patients, the worst part of having braces comes before they are actually fitted, at a key point of the preparation process…

Yes, creating impressions can be unpleasant for some patients, not only the X-Rays and interdental photography, but the dreaded tray of strange goo you have to bite into in order for the dentist to create an accurate mould of your teeth.

Fortunately for patients here at Northenden House Orthodontics, we have invested in some brand new state-of the-art technology that takes all the pain out of prep! 

Introducing the iTero Element Scanner

Because we believe preparation for fitting braces should be quick, comfortable and less intrusive for our patients, we have introduced the ground-breaking iTero Element Scanner to our impressive practice portfolio.

Watch this video to see how the scanner works:

This incredible piece of technology brings multiple benefits to our patients, including:

  • An end to the unpleasant ‘goopy’ impression process
  • No unsavoury aftertaste or restricted breathing during preparation
  • Unique opportunity to view 3D scans during your appointment
  • Greater accuracy when fitting clear aligners and retainers
  • First time success - no need to re-do moulds that go wrong

Our staff are now fully trained to use the iTero Element‘s wand, allowing them to quickly create a detailed digital impression of your teeth and gums without the need for the fearsome traditional moulding process.

Quickly completed, the scan of your mouth will be made available as a 3D model that your orthodontist can use to begin planning out your treatment regime!

To learn more about the iTero Element Scanner or to book an appointment, please call our friendly team on 0161 998 2622.

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