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Summer Oral Health Tips For Family | Northenden Orthodontics

With summer in full swing, the normal routine of family life can often go out the window, along with normal oral hygiene practices. That’s why it’s important to fool proof your family’s summer oral health plan by following a few small tips:

Don’t forget to brush

Although summer can be a busy and tiring time, getting your family to keep on top of their tooth brushing is very important. Brushing teeth straight after a meal can be a good way to ensure that it doesn’t get forgotten about when your children are tired and wanting to crawl into bed.

Watch fizzy drink consumption

Hot weather can encourage the consumption of fizzy, sugary drinks. Although they are okay in moderation, too many can cause unnecessary tooth decay. Combine that with not being as diligent with tooth brushing, and you can have a tooth disaster waiting to happen. Encourage your loved ones to opt for ice cold water instead.

Pack healthy snacks

Do you and your family go on day trips during the summer months? If so, making a packed lunch full of healthy snacks can help to prevent the need to buy unhealthy snacks from service stations or vending machines.

Schedule a dental check up

Arranging to see the dentist at the start of the summer can help to prevent any painful tooth problems while away on holiday. While many parents schedule their children to see the dentist in early September just before term starts, shifting the appointment to the start of the summer can ensure they’re adequately protected in the hotter months too.

If you or your children wear braces, it is important to get them seen at the start of the summer to check everything is securely fixed before going on holiday. There’s nothing worse than bits of wires coming loose when you’re thousands of miles away on a sun lounger – making sure it’s all secure beforehand is the best way forward.

Use adequate lip protection

In very hot weather, we’ll often remember to put sun cream on our skin and completely neglect our lips. Using a UV lip balm can help protect your family’s lips from the harmful rays of the sun.

Choose less acidic foods

Summer normally brings a fair amount of al fresco eating, which can be delicious yet harmful to your teeth. Whilst it is easy to identify sugary foods that can increase the risk of dental erosion, acidic foods are not always that easy to spot. The British Dental Health Foundation has come up with this helpful chart to show you their typical PH level and what might be doing hidden damage to your teeth.

At Northenden House Orthodontics in Manchester, we offer a range of invisible, fixed and metal braces for people of all ages. If you would like to book in to straighten your smile this summer, you can call our expert team on: 0161 998 2622, or email.

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