What are Hidden Braces?


Hidden Braces

Do you want straight teeth and no one to know you have braces?  Hidden braces are the answer for you.

Offering a variety of discreet braces to suit all price ranges, Northenden House is the place for you.  We offer semi-invisible and invisible orthodontic appliances to correct an array of tooth discrepancies.  

If you work in the public eye or are conscious about having braces on the front of your teeth then why not opt for Incognito. Incognito offers a fixed brace solution that is fitted to the inside tooth surface. It does an excellent job at aligning your teeth and has the added benefit being completely invisible.  Working very similarly to the traditional ‘train track’ style braces, your orthodontist is able to deliver an excellent outcome with discretion being its key. Often TV personalities will opt for this method of orthodontics-many you will be completely unaware of actually having treatment.

Invisalign offers a semi-invisible orthodontic appliance.  It comprises of a series of clear aligners that are changed weekly or fortnightly depending on the outcome being achieved, that gradually move the teeth into position.  Little composite (tooth coloured filling material) attachments maybe temporarily bonded onto the teeth to enable a greater tooth movement. With all materials used being either tooth coloured or transparent, our patients feel confident wearing the Invisalign system.  

Advances within the semi-invisible brackets for the front of your teeth means that the natural colour of your tooth is able to shine through.  Although not completely hidden, they certainly blend into your smile. Easy to apply and a stock item means that you can start your orthodontic journey as soon as you would like.

Contact us now to start your journey to a beautiful smile with hidden braces today!

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