Do ceramic braces turn yellow?


Do Ceramic Braces turn yellow?  | Northenden House Orthodontics

A question we get asked almost daily by patients is can my ceramic braces turn yellow? Well, clear fixed braces can turn yellow but not in the way you may think. 

It’s not the actual bracket that turns yellow. The ceramic brackets of your braces will never stain as they are resistant to discolouration. The clear elastic bands we use to attach the archwire to your brackets, however, can stain - and this can make your braces much more visible. Things that can stain these elastics include spices such as turmeric and saffron but also food colourings that you might find in foods like instant noodles.


Not to worry though. These elastics are changed at every visit and will be refreshed back to their aesthetic colouring that you would expect. If you are feeling cautious though, there are actions you can take to make sure staining doesn’t happen. 


Change your diet

Clear ceramic braces stain as a result of dark, deeply coloured foods and drinks like coffee, wine, tea, and even tomato sauce. The dark pigments in these foods can leak into the material of the elastic bands, causing them to stain. The best way to prevent staining is by avoiding these foods and drinks in the first place.


Maintain good oral hygiene

In addition to monitoring your diet, making sure to brush your teeth and braces immediately after eating or drinking anything besides water will also help to keep your braces clear. If you cannot brush your teeth immediately, try rinsing your mouth out with a glass of water. The goal is to minimise the amount of time your braces spend in contact with deeply coloured, stain inducing foods.


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